Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Some Groovy News

Who will be the first politician to capitalize on this state-ranking list -- in which New Mexico is in the Top 10?

According to a real estate site called The Estately Blog ("an addictive easy way to shop for homes"), the Land of Enchantment is the seventh "most hippie" state.

Here's what the blog has to say about us:

New Mexico has more interest in tie-dye and cannabis than any other state, it’s fifth in selling hemp products on Etsy, and it boasts a high population of hippie artists wearing turquoise jewelry. Some say you can hear the drum circles in Taos as far away as Texas.

(Of course some of those drum sounds might be coming from actual American Indians in Taos Pueblo ...)

Here's the criteria the blog used in determining the rankings.

* Number of communes and intentional communities per capita in each state (source:  Fellowship for Intentional Community)

* Number of food co-ops per capita in each state (source: Coop Directory)

* Number of local Etsy stores per capita selling hemp, patchouli, and tie-dye products (source:  Etsy)

* Percentage of Facebook users who express interest in the following: Grateful Dead, Phish, cannabis, tie-dye, peace, LSD, Bob Dylan, and hippies (source:  Facebook)