Monday, May 5, 2014

Susana Needs to Catch Up!

I don't think U.S Sen. Marco Rubio has actually read Gov. Susana Martinez's campaign finance reports.

He just wrote a fundraising letter for the governor and one line caught my eye:

Susana is facing a fundraising deadline and your contribution will help her catch up to her opponents, who have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own money into their campaigns. 

According to the latest round of reports last month, Democrat Alan Webber had $439,914 in the bank, Lawrence Rael had $228,767, Gary King King had $89,177, Howie Morales had $46,624 and Linda Lopez had $19,289.

Martinez was lagging way behind with only $4.2 million. She really needs to catch up.

UPDATE: 10:10 am Rubio is one of many GOP stars who will be hosting a May 21 fundraiser in Chevy Chase Maryland for Martinez. Others include Sen. Rand Paul, Congressman Paul Ryan, House Speaker John Boehner, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and more.

This should help her catch up.

Andy Kroll, author of the infamous Mother Jones article about Martinez, just posted an invitation. You can see that HERE.