Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Rep. Garcia Apologizes to "Anglo Dems"


Rep. Miguel Garcia, D- Albuquerque, today apologized to two legislative candidates he had disparaged earlier this week in an email to some of his legislative colleagues.

Alex Goldsmith of KRQE had the scoop about the original letter last night. In that message to "Fellow House Members, Senate Colleagues, Elected Official Friends," Garcia endorsed  Valencia County Democrats Frank Otero and Andrew Barreras, who are running against Republican  incumbents Kelly Fajardo and Alonzo Baldonado.

But he also said this of Democratic candidates Jim Danner and Teresa Smith de Cherif:

A minority of unsuspecting Democratic leaders are supporting the Democratic Anglo newcomer opponents in Andrew's and Frank's Primary races.  Anglo Democrats with egos as big as Texas, mouths as big as the Grand Canyon, and much "green" mula from the east and the west coast. 

However, after some Democrats -- including candidate Otero -- called on Garcia to apologize, he did.

"I am making all my comments to the two Democrats I offended with my inappropriate comments," he told me in an email this afternoon.

Here's the letter he sent to Danner:


I sent an email to my different contacts of people who I have worked with throughout the years as a Civil Rights leader and legislator asking for their support of Andrew Barreras in HD 7 and Frank Otero in HD 8.

In the email I used inappropriate language to define your character.  Regardless of what I think your reason are for running for State Rep-- I want to ask for your forgiveness regarding the negative manner in which I questioned your character or campaign pursuits.

It is not in me to speak negatively of fellow Democrats, or anyone for that fact, that I am not personally acquainted with or familiar with.  In my legislative career I pride myself on always taking the "moral high ground" on issues of bigotry, discrimination, inequality, prejudice, intolerance, hatred-- I faltered in reaching that in my email.

Best of Health and Good Luck In Your Race.

State Rep Miguel P Garcia  

UPDATE 5-15 11:07 am: Here is the link to the story in today's New Mexican.

Also, candidate Andrew Barreras, a former state representative running for Fajardo's seat, got back to me this morning. He also disapproved of Garcia's letter. "I guess Miguel wasn't thinking," he said. Barreras said that much of his own family is Anglo. "They wouldn't like that," he said.