Friday, May 23, 2014

Who is Behind the Anti-Rael Robo Call?

Lawrence Rael's campaign on Friday complained about an automated "push poll" that has bad things to say about Rael and good things about his Democratic primary opponent Alan Webber.

However, Rael doesn't think Webber is behind it.

"Alan Webber has twice personally promised that they are not behind these calls," a news release from Rael said. "Furthermore, it appears that the phone number that is making these calls ... has previously made calls on behalf of conservative causes."

The news release links to a letter to the editor of the Las Cruces Sun News in February about a poll that slams the creation of Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument. Many Republicans were opposed to creating the national monument, which was signed into law this week by President Obama.

I called the number, which has a 202 area code, (Washington, D.C.) I was answered by a recording that said "All circuits are busy." A later call resulted in a busy signal.

The call doesn't say who paid for it, as required by law. Rael's campaign has filed a formal complaint with the Secretary of State’s office, requesting that they investigate.

“These calls aren't just dirty politics, they’re illegal,” said campaign spokesperson Kyle Armstrong.