Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Last Campaign Finance Reports Before the Primary

State Sen. Howie Morales, D-Silver City, is the first gubernatorial candidate to file his campaign finance report today.

His report shows that Morales raised $25,005, spent $44,581 and has $25,134 in the bank.

That's not good news for the Morales campaign, which has failed to raise the money necessary to put his message on television.

Earlier today the Susana Martinez re-election campaign tweeted that the incumbent has raised more than $400,000 in the past three weeks. (I haven't seen the actual report yet.) Martinez already had $4.2 million in the bank.

UPDATE 3:30 pm Alan Webber just reported raising $180,483 in the last period. He spent $474,575 and still has $161,795 in the bank.

I'll be updating this throughout the day as more reports roll in.

UPDATE 3:54 pm Another one just came in, this one from Lawrence Rael.

He raised $42,792 -- significantly lower than Webber's last haul -- and spent $142,862, Rael has $109,486 cash on hand.

UPDATE 4:12 pm Gary King raised $235,963 this period, but $195,400 was a loan from himself.
King spent $207,785 and has $75,518 in bank.

UPDATE 4:57 pm Yay! All the candidates filed their reports before 5 pm!

Gov. Susana Martinez raised Susana $403,307 in the last three weeks. She spent $325,536 and has just shy of $4.3 million left in the bank.

Linda Lopez is still in last place as far as finances go. She raised $11,950 in thye last period. She spent 6,149 and has $19,757 left in the bank.

There will be much more in tomorrow's Santa Fe New Mexican.